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Alice Song list!

Hey there everyone! Lauren here. I hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to give everyone a list of Alice solo songs that I already have. If anyone else knows of any that aren’t on the list, please, please, let me know and either send me a copy of them via e-mail at: or post the video clip of them up on youtube so I can see them. Thanks! One note: Alice sings these listed songs alone, unless otherwise noted.


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List of Alice songs I have:

1. I Was That Close- Herstory in the Making
2. Being Queen- Red Queen for a Day
3. A Thousand Uses- Objects de Heart
4. You’ve Got to Fix Up the Mix Up- Arividersi Aroma!
5. I Got a Nose for Noses- Pop Goes the Easel
6. Rose Colored Glasses Sung by Alice and Rabbit-Through the Looking Glasses
7. Backstepping-Forget Me Not
8. Back at the Top-Diary of a Mad Hatter
9. Say Howdy Instead of Hello-How the West Was Wonderland
10. If I Had a Bicycle-Rules of the Game
11. The Hatter’s Back-The Hatter Who Came to Dinner
12. It’s a Funny Thing- Mirth of a Nation
13. Royal Rhyme-For Better or Verse
14. Somebody Temporarily Yours- Technobunny
15. Speaking Terms- Party Pooped
16. It Turns Up Right Under Your Nose- Pretzelmania aka The Missing Ring Mystery
17. Polka Dotted Hat- Rip Roaring Rabbit Tales
18. It’s the Thought That Counts- Happy Boo Boo Day
19. Bad Luck Can Happen on Friday the Thirteenth-Friday the Umpteenth
20. Oh Pizza Night- Pizza de Resistance
21. Litter Bug Sung by Alice and Rabbit-A Litter Help from My Friends
22. We’re All Winners- Busy as a Spelling Bee
23. Missing Persons- Welcome Back Hatter
24. Those Are the Breaks Sung by Alice and the Queen-This Bunny for Hire
25. The Big Nose Blues- Noses Off
26. Vice Versa Sung by Alice and the whole Wonderland gang-All That Glitters
27. It’s Party Time Sung by Alice and the Tweedles- Whose Carrots Are they, anyway?
28. Roughing It-Lady and the Camp
29. Looking for Crowns in All the Wrong Places Sung by Alice and the whole crew- The Red Queen Crown Affair
30. Decisions, Decisions-Copy Catter Hatter
31. Bad Hair Nightmare-Hair’em Scar’em
32. Clean as a Whistle-Chalice in Wonderland
33. I Wish I Could Fly Sung by Alice and the Tweedles-Hippety-Hoppety Hypnotist
34. Snow-Christmas in Wonderland
35. Picture Perfect- Deface in the Crowd
36. Look, a Book! OH boy, let’s read! Sung by Alice and Rabbit-TV OR NOT TV
37. Cleaning the Palace Sung by Alice and Rabbit-Days of Vine and Roses
38. You’ll Go Down in History-Clan of the Cavebunny
39. Up a Creek Without a Paddle-Metaphor Monday
40. You Have to Laugh Sung by Alice and the whole Wonderland crew- To Tear is Human
41. One of the Guys- Odd Woman Out
42. There’s a Surprise Inside sung by Alice and Rabbit-Card 54, Where Are you?
43. Lend a Helping Hand- Wonderland, the Movie
44. Going, Going Gone Sung by Alice and Hatter-Bunny, Can you Spare a Dime?
45. A Royal Toss Up- Royalty Trap
46. Royal Rivals Sung by Alice and Rabbit-Just the Fax, Ma’am
47. We can Afford to Be Friends Sung by Alice and the whole wonderland gang-The Queen Who Came in from the Cold
48. Give the Dog a Break Sung by Alice and Rabbit- Queen’s best Friend
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