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I LOVE Disney's Adventures in Wonderland!

Hey there everyon! Lauren here! I hope everyon is doing well! I LOVE Disney’s Adventures in Wonderland! I always have. That’s the only version I’ll watch. I grew up with it. Alice is my favorite character, with the tweedles and queen at a close second and third. I LOVE Alice’s solo songs the best though! I have a CD of over forty eight of them! I also have quite a few episodes in audio form that are fantastic! Christmas in Wonderland is one of them. It is my favorite episode by far.

I would LOVE to talk to any other AIW fan on MSN Messenger! My sn for it is: feel free to add me to your contact list!

My favorite episodes are: Christmas in Wonderland, How the West Was Wonderland, I Am the Walrus, To Tear is Human ,Days of Vine and Roses, Friday the Umpteenth, All That Glitters, Pretzelmania, Technobunny, Happy Boo-Boo Day, Noses Off and Pop Goes the Easel. Along with a lot of others!
I hope to hear from everyone soon!
Remember, God loves you!


If you don’t mind, please sign my Adventures in Wonderland guestbook and the petition to bring AIW back in syndication. Thanks! Just copy both links below into your address bar and press enter! I heard from a good friend of mine that they are bringing AIW back in syndication on Disney channel in 2008, but I don’t know how true that is. GOL! GOL means giggles out loud. Bad Hatter pun, I know.

Sign My AIW Dreambook:

Sign My AIW Petition:
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