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Adventures in Wonderland Songs!

Hi! I’ve decided to upload my entire Adventures in Wonderland Song Collection for everyone to enjoy! I hope everyone likes them! If there are any Disney’s Adventures in Wonderland fans in this community, I hope you enjoy the songs!

Here is a song list for the zip file. The link will be below it. The list will include the song title as well as who sings the song.

1. AIW Theme
2. The Hatter’s Back-Alice
3. Back at the Top-Alice
4. Backstepping-Alice
5. Bad Hair Nightmare-Alice
6. Being Queen-Alice
7. If I Had a Bicycle-Alice
8. The Big Nose Blues-Alice
9. Give the Dog a Break-Alice/Rabbit
10. The Brighter Side of It All-The Tweedles
11. Cleaning the Palace-Alice/Rabbit
12. A Chalice for My Palace-Alice/The Wonderland Crew
13. The Crowning Touch-The Tweedles
14. I Did It for Dear Old Granny-Hatter
15. Decisions, Decisions-Alice
16. White Elephants into Gold-Hatter
17. Let’s Even Out the Odds-Alice/The Wonderland Crew
18. Every Word in the Dictionary-Hatter/Hare
19. You’re Famous Far and Wide-The Walrus
20. Friendly Bunch of Folks-The Red Queen
21. Farety Well Spell Remover-Hatter/Hare
22. Hare Raising Shampoo-Hatter/Hare
23. I Can Top That-Red Queen
24. It’s All Up Here-Hatter/Hare
25. It Turns Up Right Under Your Nose-Alice
26. Nobody Likes to Laugh Like the Queen-Alice/The Wonderland Crew
27. Let’s All Stand Up-The Tweedles
28. New Town-Alice/Walrus
29. To Eat or Not to Eat-Tweedle Dum
30. You’ve Got to Fix Up the Mix Up-Alice
31. I Wish I Could Fly-Alice/Tweedles
32. We Can Afford to be Friends-Alice/Wonderland Crew
33. It’s a Funny Thing-Alice
34. The Best Gift of All-Alice and the Wonderland Crew
35. Rose Colored Glasses-Alice/Rabbit
36. Going, Going Gone-Alice/Hatter
37. You’ll Go Down in History-Alice
38. How Many Jelly Beans-The Tweedles
39. I Was That Close-Alice
40. Important Royal Thoughts-Alice
41. Interest of Science-The Tweedles
42. The Appreciation Installer-Hatter/Hare
43. It’s Important to Keep Track-Alice/Rabbit
44. Lend a Helping Hand-Alice
45. Take a Fe w Lessons from Me-Tweedle Dee
46. Other Side of the Line-Hare/Tweedle Dum
47. Litter Bug-Alice/Rabbit
48. Look a Book! Oh Boy, Let’s Read-Alice/Rabbit
49. Looking for Crowns in All the Wrong Places-Alice/Wonderland Crew
50. Missing Persons-Alice
51. That Could Never Happen to Me-Tweedle Dee
52. I’ve Got a Nose for Noses-Alice
53. One of the Guys-Alice
54. Party Time-Alice/The Tweedles
55. Picnic on a Bun-Hatter/Hare
56. Picture Perfect-Alice
57. Pizza Night-Alice/Rabbit
58. Pretty as a Picture-Red Queen
59. Professor Memory-Hatter/Hare
60. Polka Dotted Hat-Alice
61. Queen of the Rodeo-Red Queen
62. Roughing It-Alice
63. Royal Inavader-Alice/Wonderland Crew
64. Royal Rhyme-Alice
65. Royal Rivals-Alice/Rabbit
66. Royal Toss Up-Alice
67. Rules Are Rules-Red Queen
68. Say Howdy Instead of Hello-Alice
69. Sign Us Up-The Tweedles
70. Adventures in a Winter Wonderland-Alice
71. Somebody Temporarily Yours-Alice
72. Speaking Terms-Alice
73. Spelling Bowl-The Tweedles
74. There’s a Surprise Inside-Alice/Rabbit
75. Thanks But No Thanks-Hatter/Hare
76. The Right Touch-The Tweedles
77. Thinking of You-Duchess
78. Those Are the Breaks-Alice/Red Queen
79. Times Have Changed-The Red Queen
80. Do the Untwist-Red Queen
81. Up a Creek Without a Paddle-Alice
82. A Thousand Uses-Alice
83. A Little Variety-The Tweedles
84. Vice Versa-Alice/Wonderland Crew
85. We’re All Winners-Alice
86. Wonderland Welcome-Alice/The Wonderland Crew
87. The Wrong Idea-The Red Queen
88. Clean as a Whistle-Alice
You Have to Laugh-Alice/The Wonderland Crew

As you can see, I love Alice’s solo songs most of all. I hope everyone enjoys this trip to Wonderland! And remember to behave yourself while in the Queen’s presence!

Adventures in Wonderland Song Collection:
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