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Adventures in Wonderland Songs!

Hey there! Lauren here! I hope everyone is doing well! I LOVE AIW! I grew up on it and I still love it! Alice and the tweedles are my favorite characters, with the queen at a close third. I also like Hatter/Hare's jokes and silliness. But what i LOVE most of all are Alice's solo songs! They are so cool! I have a CD Of forty eight of them! I would LOVE to chat with anyone else who likes AIW and especially likes Alice! If anyone has MSN Messenge,r they can add me to thei rcontact list! My SN is :

My favorite episodes are: Christmas in Wonderland, How the West Was Wonderland, I Am the Walrus, To Tear is Human ,Days of Vine and Roses, Friday the Umpteenth, All That Glitters, Pretzelmania, Noses Off and Pop Goes the Easel. Along with a lot of others!
I hope to hear from everyone soon!
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