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Elisabeth Harnois Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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Point Pleasant Icons [October 20th, 2009]

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(+ hilarie burton, leighton meester, 90210, random tv, movies, actors.)
view them here
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icons [August 4th, 2009]

[ mood | awake ]

I came very late to the Point Pleasant party but I have some icons to share now.


The rest of the set is here in rage_my_darling

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[December 9th, 2008]

southland tales, paramore, sarah connor chronicles, buffy the vampire slayer, supernatural, one tree hill, smallville, point pleasant, gossip girl

88 icons here @ tragiicendings
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Please sign my AIW petition! [November 7th, 2008]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi! I just wanted to see if all you AIW fans can help me out. I'm trying to get Disney's Adventures in Wonderland either back in syndication on TV or on
DVD. So if any AIW fan would be willing to sign this petition I created, I'd greatly appreciate it! Together we can bring AIW back for a whole new generation to enjoy!

Sign My Disney's Adventures in Wonderland Petition:


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Adventures in Wonderland Songs! [October 18th, 2008]

Hi! I’ve decided to upload my entire Adventures in Wonderland Song Collection for everyone to enjoy! I hope everyone likes them! If there are any Disney’s Adventures in Wonderland fans in this community, I hope you enjoy the songs!

Here is a song list for the zip file. The link will be below it. The list will include the song title as well as who sings the song.

Hold onto your seat, let’s go for a ride!Collapse )

As you can see, I love Alice’s solo songs most of all. I hope everyone enjoys this trip to Wonderland! And remember to behave yourself while in the Queen’s presence!

Adventures in Wonderland Song Collection:

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Elisabeth in Icon Form [September 2nd, 2008]

-Autumn Reeser (10)
-Elisabeth Harnois (5)
-Leighton Meester (15)
-Lucy Kate Hale (5)
-Mila Kunis (10)
-Sophia Bush (10)

Plus 2 more Here
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Come join my new AIW Community! [August 16th, 2008]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi! I just created a new community for AIW-Disney’s Adventures in Wonderland! Any and all true AIW fans are welcome to join! If the link below doesn’t work, just go to my profile and you’ll find the link there. The only rule in this community is respect one another.

You may post episode reviews, favorite song lyrics, AIW memories and links to other AIW sites. Fanfiction is also allowed.

Oh and I almost forgot the most important thing! Feel free to wander around Wonderland on your own, but if you wander into the palace, make sure you behave yourself while in the Queen’s presence! And just to keep anyone out of trouble, there is one thing you must remember. NOBODY corrects the Queen!


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I want my Ten Inch Hero [January 14th, 2008]

Hi!  Elisabeth was in a Indy movie called Ten Inch Hero and there is a online petiion to get it released into theaters or DVD.  There are only 193 signatures, so use this link and show your support! 
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Behind the Mirror: My AIW Story [November 11th, 2007]

[ mood | happy ]

Behind the Mirror: My AIW Story

A lot of people know from reading my Live Journal and some of my posts on various boards about Disney’s Adventures in Wonderland, that I LOVE Alice and her solo songs the best. There’s a reason for that and you’re going to find out what that is in this story. So hold onto your seat, let’s go for a ride back in time. To 1992 to be exact.

I had just come home from having an eye operation. I was in a lot of pain and really tired.
My mother put me down on the couch and turned the TV on for me. She switched it to the Disney Channel before going to put her stuff away and make me something to eat.
Whenever I had a medical problem or would have surgery, my mother would act the way she was supposed to. Once I was better, I was back on my own. Anyway, back on track here.
As I lay there, I heard music start to play. I didn’t really pay too much attention to it until I heard someone start to sing. She had such a pretty singing voice and the song was cool too. The minute I heard Alice start to sing, my pain totally went away. I didn’t feel as bad and I even smiled a little bit. My mother noticed the change in me the moment she came back into the room.
The ironic thing was, they were showing a marathon of what I know now and love is called Disney’s Adventures in Wonderland. The next episode I now know was called Herstory in the Making. I was fortunate there as well. No sooner had the episode started and whisked me off to Wonderland via Alice’s mirror, Alice had the first song! Needless to say, I started listening to AIW every day. I especially liked it when Alice sung.
Once my eye was better, I was able to see a little bit and that’s when I really got a taste for the show.
The first episode I saw, literally, well as much as I could was This Bunny for Hire. It was funny and Alice sung with the Queen at the end. I also liked the Tweedles raps as well. But Alice’s solo songs were always my favorite and still are. I don’t mind when she sings with someone else, but I like it when she sings solo the best.
I don’t know what it is about Alice’s songs, but they always help me whenever I’m feeling upset or just need a spirit booster. They also help me when I have trouble writing.
I remember one day in sixth grade, our teacher showed us the movie, “Alice in Wonderland” that Disney had put out.
I sat down, really excited to see it. My excitement was hsort lived however, five minutes into the movie.
The movie was NOTHING like the series! I was totally lost and really disappointed. I sat there, humming Alice songs quietly to myself for the rest of the afternoon.
As I gazed at the screen, I started asking myself questions. Where was Alice’s mirror? Where was the nice, but crabby Queen? Where was the cool music? And why was it animated? Where was my Wonderland that I Knew and love?
While on the bus that afternoon, I listened to my Adventures in Wonderland song tape, just to get the songs from the movie out of my head. It worked just fine. The minute I heard Alice sing, all the songs from that poor excuse for AIW were erased from my mind.
When I got home, I watched four episodes of Disney’s Adventures in Wonderland, just to get the image of the movie out of my head. I made sure they all had Alice singing in them in one way or another. Three of the episodes had Alice singing solo and one had her doing a duet with the Tweedles. The episodes that I had watched were “How the West Was Wonderland”, “Friday the Umpteenth”, “Herstory in the Making” and “Whose Carrots Are They, Anyway?”. After the episodes were over, I felt a lot better and I was in a better mood.
When Disney took the show off in 1995, I was very upset.
I remember getting up that Monday morning, all intensions of watching AIW. I got dressed, made my breakfast and sat down to enjoy my favorite show. Little did I know how disappointed I would be.
Eight twenty five rolled around and one of those short things came on. I didn’t mind. I figured they would start AIW soon. When eight-thirty rolled around, another show started, but it was DEFINITELY not AIW! It was some stupid mouse tracks stuff!
I looked at the screen as though it had betrayed me. I quickly scanned the guide on our TV to see if AIW would be on later. If it was, at least I could tape it and have something to look forward to when I returned from school. Alas, it wasn’t.
Even though I was really upset, I decided to give it a week or so. I figured maybe Disney was trying out a new show and seeing what the best time slot would be. I figured they would put AIW back on after they got the new show settled in a regular time slot. Again, I was wrong. Weeks and weeks passed by and no AIW.
I watched the tapes I had acquired through recording it, but it wasn’t’ the same as waking up every morning and watching it on TV.
My tape of Alice songs helped me to cheer up, but I still missed watching the show on TV>
It wasn’t until a year later, did I get the biggest surprise of my life! I was at a local Kmart with my Dad when I found something I never thought I’d find in a million years!
My Dad was looking for something and he dropped me off in the movie section. I was looking for Disney stuff and I found it pretty quickly. I searched through the shelves and found what I was looking for. I was into the Little Mermaid as well and I wanted to see if they had the newest video. They hadn’t gotten it in yet, so I turned around to leave, when something caught my attention.
I walked back to the shelf to get a closer look at it. As I inched my way closer, I had to blink to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.
When I opened my eyes, I realized I wasn’t seeing anything. They had Adventures in Wonderland on tape! I picked the box up and read the back. Fortunately, the print was white and the box was a dark purple. The contrast was perfect for me to see it on my own with the vision I had.
Needless to say, I bought the tape, along with the two others Disney had put out. I was so excited and popped them into the VCR the moment I got home.
The three tapes were wonderful, but there was still an aching in my heart for Disney to put the show back on again.
The three tapes that I had bought, contained the episodes, “Pop Goes the Easel”, “Pretzelmania: The Missing Ring Mystery”, “For Better or Verse”, “Techno bunny”, “Noses Off” and “Off the Cuffs”. They all had great songs in them and really funny lines from Hatter/Hare.
Although Alice and the Tweedles will always be my favorite characters, with the Queen at a close third, I will always love Hatter/Hare’s silliness. I especially like their one liners to the Queen! They always crack me up!
Later in 2004, I had created a message board for AIW. I was looking on it to see who had posted and I found an entry advertising a new AIW site. I went on it and boy was I Surprised! There were songs and a whole lot of them too! That’s when my AIW Alice song collection really grew! I soon acquired episodes in audio form. This was thanks to the owner of the site and now my good friend, Dave. He encoded them for me into MP3 format. I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me. He’s brought back AIW for me in a way that nobody else could. He’s currently trying to make a better site for AIW, so his old one is down now.

I also find that whenever I’m having a bad day or just am not feeling my best, I listen to my AIW CD and it cheers me right up. It also helps me in other ways as well. I can’t wait till they bring AIW to DVD. I hope they do.
I also am grateful to Elisabeth Harnois for bringing Alice to life so well. If it wasn’t for her and her God given talent of singing, Alice would not have come to life so well. Elisabeth has an amazing singing voice and I know it’s going to take her far. There aren’t enough words I could use to show what Elisabeth has done for me.

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I LOVE Disney's Adventures in Wonderland! [November 11th, 2007]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hey there everyon! Lauren here! I hope everyon is doing well! I LOVE Disney’s Adventures in Wonderland! I always have. That’s the only version I’ll watch. I grew up with it. Alice is my favorite character, with the tweedles and queen at a close second and third. I LOVE Alice’s solo songs the best though! I have a CD of over forty eight of them! I also have quite a few episodes in audio form that are fantastic! Christmas in Wonderland is one of them. It is my favorite episode by far.

I would LOVE to talk to any other AIW fan on MSN Messenger! My sn for it is: LittleGloriaFaith24@hotmail.com feel free to add me to your contact list!

My favorite episodes are: Christmas in Wonderland, How the West Was Wonderland, I Am the Walrus, To Tear is Human ,Days of Vine and Roses, Friday the Umpteenth, All That Glitters, Pretzelmania, Technobunny, Happy Boo-Boo Day, Noses Off and Pop Goes the Easel. Along with a lot of others!
I hope to hear from everyone soon!
Remember, God loves you!


If you don’t mind, please sign my Adventures in Wonderland guestbook and the petition to bring AIW back in syndication. Thanks! Just copy both links below into your address bar and press enter! I heard from a good friend of mine that they are bringing AIW back in syndication on Disney channel in 2008, but I don’t know how true that is. GOL! GOL means giggles out loud. Bad Hatter pun, I know.

Sign My AIW Dreambook:


Sign My AIW Petition:


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My Adventures in Wonderland Song List [November 11th, 2007]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey there everyone! Lauren here. I hope everyone is doing well. Here is the list of songs I have from Disney's Adventures in Wonderland. If anyone wants to hear any, feel free to e-mail me at: alicesong_fan23@yahoo.com
let me know what titles you want and I will be happy to share htem with you!
Remember, God loves you!

Adventures in Wonderland Song List:

1. AIW Theme
2. THe Hatter’s Back-The Hatter Who Came to Dinner
3. BackStepping-Forget Me Not
4. Back at the Top-Diary of a Mad Hatter
5. Bad Luck Can Happen on Friday the 13th-Friday the Umpteenth
6. Being Queen-Red Queen for a Day
7. If I Had a Bicycle=Rules of the Game
8. Big Nose Blues-Noses Off
9. Give the Dog a Break-Sung by Alice/Rabbit-Queen’s Best Friend
10. Those Are the Breaks-Sung by Alice/Red Queen-This Bunny for Hire
11. Brighter Side of It All-Tweedles-Objects de Heart
12. Cleaning the Palace-Alice/Rabbit-Day of Vine and Roses
13. Up a Creek Without a Paddle-Metaphor Monday
14. The Crowning Touch-Tweedles-Day of Vine and Roses
15. Looking for Crowns in All the Wrong Places-Alice/WC-Red Queen Crown Affair
16. Decisions, Decisions-Copy Catter Hatter
17. It Turns Up Right Under Your Nose-Pretzelmania
18. Every Word in the Dictionary-Hatter/Hare-Busy as a Spelling Bee
19. To Eat, or not to Eat-Tweedle Dum-AllThat Glitters
20. I Wish I Could Fly-Alice/Tweedles-Hyppety-Hoppety Hypnotist
21. We Can Afford to Be Friends-Alice/WC-Qwueen Who Came in from the Cold
22. It’s a Funny Thing-Mirth of a Nation
23. The Best Gifts of All-Alice/WC-Christmas in Wonderland
24. Rose Colored Glasses-Alice/Rabbit-Through the Looking Glasses
25. Going, Going Gone-Alice/Hatter-Bunny, Can You Spare a Dime?
26. Say Howdy, Instead of Hello-How the West Was Wonderland
27. You’ll Go Down in History-Clan of the Cavebunny
28. In the Interest of Science-Tweedles-Untwist of Fate
29. I Was That Close-Herstory in the Making
30. You’ve Got to Laugh-Alice/WC-To Tear is Human
31. Oh Pizza Night-Alice/Rabbit-Pizza de Resistance
32. Picture Perfect-Deface in the Crowd
33. Poka Dotted Hat-Rip Roaring Rabbit Tales
34. There’s a Surprise Inside-Alice/Rabbit-Card 54, Where Are You?
35. Litter Bug-Alice/Rabbit-A Litter Help from my Friends
36. Vice Versa-Alice/WC-All That Glitters
37. Take a Few Lessons from Me-Tweeedle Dee-All That Glitters
38. Picnic on a Bun-Hatter/Hare-A Litter Help from my Friends
39. Thanks, But No Thanks-Hatter/Hare-Card 54, Where Are You?
40. A Little Variety-Tweedles-Card 54, Where Are You?
41. A Friend in Need-Wonderland, the Movie
42. Bad Hiar Nightmare-Hair’em Scar’em
43. Important Royal Thoughts-Happy Boo Boo Day
44. Somebody Temporarily Yours-Technobunny
45. Royal Rhyme-For Better or Verse
46. I Can Top That-Red Queen-For Better or Verse
47. Masters of Roping-Tweedles-How the West was Wonderland
48. Snow-Christmas in Wonderland
49. Royal Toss Up-Royalty Trap
50. Royal Rivals-Alice/Rabbit-Just the Fax, Ma’am
51. One of the Guys-Odd Woman Out
52. We’re All Winners-Busy as a Spelling Bee
53. It’s Party Time-Whose Carrots Are They, Anyway?
54. Missing Persons-Welcome Back, Hatter
55. You’ve Got to Fix Up the Mix Up-Avivedersi Aroma!
56. Sign Us Up-Tweedles-The Sound and the Fury
57. Your Side of the Line-Tweedle Dum/Hare-A Litter Help from My Friends
58. I’ve Got a Nose for Noses-Pop Goes the Easel
59. The Right Touch-Tweedles-Pop Goes the Easel
60. Look a Book, Oh Boy, Let’s Read-Alice/Rabbit-TV or Not TV
61. That Could Never Happen to Me-Tweedle Dee-Off the Cuffs
62. Roughing It-Lady and the Camp
63. Speaking Terms-Party Pooped
64. Clean as a Whistle-Chalice in Wonderland
65. Spelling Bowl-Tweedles-Busy as a Spelling Bee
66. A Thousand Uses-Objects de Heart
67. Untwist-Red Queen-Untwist of Fate

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[July 15th, 2007]



Brand new message board for Elisabeth Harnois. Really trying to make it big, i intent to keep it running for a long time because apart from here theres nowhere else to really talk about Elisabeth!

(hope its okay to post this..if not let me know)
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Icons! [June 13th, 2007]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey people.

I really like Elisabeth Harnois. She's so beautiful and yeah.. there.

Anyways, I made about 20 icons from the FOX Winter TCA Party. [Images I used were courtesy of e-harnois.com]

I have more to come though. These are my latest Elisabeth Harnois icons, and I have made thousands of her also before. So yeah.


*if you snagged or took one; please do notify me and give CREDIT to frothies, me. Also, please do not hotlink.

Clickity Kitty!Collapse )

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Alice Song list! [February 10th, 2007]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey there everyone! Lauren here. I hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to give everyone a list of Alice solo songs that I already have. If anyone else knows of any that aren’t on the list, please, please, let me know and either send me a copy of them via e-mail at: alicesong_fan23@yahoo.com or post the video clip of them up on youtube so I can see them. Thanks! One note: Alice sings these listed songs alone, unless otherwise noted.


If you have MSN Messenger, we can chat about AIW! My SN is:

Feel free to add me to your contact list!

List of Alice songs I have:

1. I Was That Close- Herstory in the Making
2. Being Queen- Red Queen for a Day
3. A Thousand Uses- Objects de Heart
4. You’ve Got to Fix Up the Mix Up- Arividersi Aroma!
5. I Got a Nose for Noses- Pop Goes the Easel
6. Rose Colored Glasses Sung by Alice and Rabbit-Through the Looking Glasses
7. Backstepping-Forget Me Not
8. Back at the Top-Diary of a Mad Hatter
9. Say Howdy Instead of Hello-How the West Was Wonderland
10. If I Had a Bicycle-Rules of the Game
11. The Hatter’s Back-The Hatter Who Came to Dinner
12. It’s a Funny Thing- Mirth of a Nation
13. Royal Rhyme-For Better or Verse
14. Somebody Temporarily Yours- Technobunny
15. Speaking Terms- Party Pooped
16. It Turns Up Right Under Your Nose- Pretzelmania aka The Missing Ring Mystery
17. Polka Dotted Hat- Rip Roaring Rabbit Tales
18. It’s the Thought That Counts- Happy Boo Boo Day
19. Bad Luck Can Happen on Friday the Thirteenth-Friday the Umpteenth
20. Oh Pizza Night- Pizza de Resistance
21. Litter Bug Sung by Alice and Rabbit-A Litter Help from My Friends
22. We’re All Winners- Busy as a Spelling Bee
23. Missing Persons- Welcome Back Hatter
24. Those Are the Breaks Sung by Alice and the Queen-This Bunny for Hire
25. The Big Nose Blues- Noses Off
26. Vice Versa Sung by Alice and the whole Wonderland gang-All That Glitters
27. It’s Party Time Sung by Alice and the Tweedles- Whose Carrots Are they, anyway?
28. Roughing It-Lady and the Camp
29. Looking for Crowns in All the Wrong Places Sung by Alice and the whole crew- The Red Queen Crown Affair
30. Decisions, Decisions-Copy Catter Hatter
31. Bad Hair Nightmare-Hair’em Scar’em
32. Clean as a Whistle-Chalice in Wonderland
33. I Wish I Could Fly Sung by Alice and the Tweedles-Hippety-Hoppety Hypnotist
34. Snow-Christmas in Wonderland
35. Picture Perfect- Deface in the Crowd
36. Look, a Book! OH boy, let’s read! Sung by Alice and Rabbit-TV OR NOT TV
37. Cleaning the Palace Sung by Alice and Rabbit-Days of Vine and Roses
38. You’ll Go Down in History-Clan of the Cavebunny
39. Up a Creek Without a Paddle-Metaphor Monday
40. You Have to Laugh Sung by Alice and the whole Wonderland crew- To Tear is Human
41. One of the Guys- Odd Woman Out
42. There’s a Surprise Inside sung by Alice and Rabbit-Card 54, Where Are you?
43. Lend a Helping Hand- Wonderland, the Movie
44. Going, Going Gone Sung by Alice and Hatter-Bunny, Can you Spare a Dime?
45. A Royal Toss Up- Royalty Trap
46. Royal Rivals Sung by Alice and Rabbit-Just the Fax, Ma’am
47. We can Afford to Be Friends Sung by Alice and the whole wonderland gang-The Queen Who Came in from the Cold
48. Give the Dog a Break Sung by Alice and Rabbit- Queen’s best Friend

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Adventures in Wonderland Songs! [February 10th, 2007]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey there! Lauren here! I hope everyone is doing well! I LOVE AIW! I grew up on it and I still love it! Alice and the tweedles are my favorite characters, with the queen at a close third. I also like Hatter/Hare's jokes and silliness. But what i LOVE most of all are Alice's solo songs! They are so cool! I have a CD Of forty eight of them! I would LOVE to chat with anyone else who likes AIW and especially likes Alice! If anyone has MSN Messenge,r they can add me to thei rcontact list! My SN is : Rose-warriorgirl23@hotmail.com

My favorite episodes are: Christmas in Wonderland, How the West Was Wonderland, I Am the Walrus, To Tear is Human ,Days of Vine and Roses, Friday the Umpteenth, All That Glitters, Pretzelmania, Noses Off and Pop Goes the Easel. Along with a lot of others!
I hope to hear from everyone soon!

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[August 24th, 2005]
[ mood | Really hyper and perky! ]

The first layout is up! It was made by me, shadowsbleeding. It features pictures of Elisabeth in her appearance at the Hope Rocks benefit concert on the 13th. Pictures are from Elisabeth-Online. Credit for the resources used in the making the header go to Hybrid-Genesis. Feel free to request any layouts you'd like to see in the future and enjoy!

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[August 22nd, 2005]
[ mood | Happy but sorta thirsty ]

Welcome to the one and only Elisabeth Harnois LJ community! We are dedicated here to giving you awesome Elisabeth goodies as well as up-to-date news on the star. Currently I am the only staff member, but it if you'd like to apply please e-mail me with the reason why you want to become a staff member and why you're a good canidate for the job. I'm just looking for trustworthy Elisabeth fans. So, if you like Elisabeth please join today - you won't be sorry!

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